If you are having issues logging into Guardian, there could be a number of root causes.

If you receive a 403 Error, some reasons for this and next steps you should take are:

Possible ReasonAction to Take

You do not have an Guardian account

Contact your Guardian Super Admin for assistance

The email address for your Guardian account does not match the email address being passed to Guardian by your Single Sign On System

Contact your Single Sign On Team to ensure the proper information is being passed for your user account, and that you are authorized to use SSO to log into Guardian
The link between your Single Sign on System and Guardian is brokenContact both your Single Sign On Team and the Guardian team via a Support Ticket to troubleshoot further

If you are redirected to a URL that contains "/login" at the end, but your Guardian platform uses Single Sign On, your credentials will not work on a "/login" page, and a password reset will not work as you do not have a Guardian Password.

Some steps to try:

  1. Try logging in using a different browser
  2. Using your normal browser, try opening an Incognito Window and attempting to log in/

If either of these methods are successful, then the issue is not with Guardian, but rather with your browser or Single Sign On Session.

Additionally, if you have issues with Chrome, you may try the following:

If you are able to log into Guardian via another browser but not in Chrome, typically there is a cached user credential or an add-on interfering.


To start Chrome without add-ons:

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click the Settings menu at the top right
  3. Click New Incognito Window

User-added image

This will result in Chrome opening with add-ons disabled. 

If you are still unable to log in, Chrome may be storing your user credentials.

To edit or remove stored credentials in Google Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome
  2. From the Settings drop-down, select Settings


User-added image

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Show advanced settings
  1. Under Passwords, view Saved Passwords

5. Locate the saved password for the site you are connecting to (you should see your Guardian URL). Click the 3 dots on the right side to remove the stored password.

6. Uncheck any boxes next to Auto Sign-in or Offer to save passwords

7. Click Privacy & Security > Clear Browsing Data > Advanced

8. Check "Passwords and other sign-in data"

9. Clear data

If you are still unable to log in with Google Chrome, please submit a support ticket.