The following document outlines the scope and limitation of support for each product that Campus Kaizen offers. In order to provide exceptional customer support, it is important to define what is supported by Campus Kaizen and what is the responsibility of the customer. Wherever possible, Campus Kaizen staff make every effort to support our customers.  


We have an extensive Knowledge Base that should address the most common issues or questions that are directly supported by us. We strongly encourage our customers to use this extensive resource to not only seek support, but also to become more familiar with our product and the extent of our support. We do encourage you to open a support request with our help desk, even if you feel your issue might not be covered by our Statement of Support.  Just remember, it never hurts to ask…



In Scope (Supported)

  • Customer understanding of the Service, it’s settings and use.
  • Guidance on implementation and how-to best use Campus Kaizen software products and their features. 
  • Assisting client with using current software capabilities or configurations to help client achieve desired business results.
  • Training as part of new software implementation.
  • Troubleshooting, and configuration assistance.
  • Upgrades, including major and minor releases.
  • Feature Request and Enhancement submission.
  • Service availability, up-time and responsiveness.
  • Investigating technical issues or bugs.
  • Data Correction or restorations from backup to correct data errors or integrity issues created as a result of action by Campus Kaizen personnel.
  • Addressing support tickets and emails that contain requests or questions for In Scope Activity.


Out of Scope (Not Supported)


  • Software Modification. We’ll do whatever we can to help you find solutions or workarounds, but modifying the software’s core or current functionality to meet a client’s unique business need, or altering any feature that may negatively impact another clients’ use of the software is not covered under standard Support.

  • Client Specific Features. Developing new features that could not or would not be beneficial to the majority of our clients is not covered under standard Support.

  • Operating the software on your behalf.  General use of the software, including importing data, changing or adding configurations and changing settings is your responsibility.  We will be available at every turn to help you use and understand our software; but we stop short of doing the work for you.

  • Post-Contract Product Demonstrations While our sales team is happy to assist with product demonstrations throughout the sales process, we do not have a team that performs product demonstrations for existing clients. Our Implementation Team's goal is to assist with the implementation of our products, but they are not able to perform private software product demonstrations. If new areas are exploring use of the software, the expectation is that existing users show the product to those colleagues, unless those individuals are seeking to purchase a dedicated environment for their own usage, in which case a sales demonstration would be arranged.

  • Extended Application Training.  Campus Kaizen Support will answer any questions you have about our software free of charge, but we need to charge for extended Webinar/screen sharing training sessions.

  • Post-Implementation Training. Performing re-trainings after implementation and/or full trainings for new staff members, are totally possible, but are not covered under standard Support.

  • Additional Implementations. We love when campus partners not originally on the Implementation team want to use our applications. However, typically only one Implementation process is included with your Setup, so any additional Implementations to set up additional departments would not be covered under standard Support. We recommend new functions reach out to Super Users to help them get things going, and/or leverage our Knowledge Base.

  • Data Manipulation. Any manipulation of client data, including reports is not covered user standard Support.

  • Data Correction.   Should you or one of your users introduce incorrect, corrupt or inconvenient data, there is a good chance we can fix it. However, restoring data from backups, or correcting software or data issues that resulted from incorrect or improper client use is not covered under standard Support.

  • Anything not listed in the “In Scope” section.


Items outside our Scope of Support are generally handled on a contract basis directly with Campus Kaizen or through our support partners.  Refer to your account manager for more information regarding a service contract.